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The CGC Advantage

Why should you choose CGC over traditional management consultancies?

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Experienced consultants who deliver results, not reports

  • Experienced and Knowledgeable:

Our consultants average over 25 years of hands-on leadership with results delivered in industry, not consulting. We’ve been in your shoes and know how to achieve timely outcomes. 

  • Expense Reduction Beyond Headcount:

Our approach focuses on identifying actual waste in your operation for lowering costs, rather than just offering headcount reductions. We enhance execution within your existing constraints by optimizing processes. 

  • Show, Not Tell:

Our hands-on methodology means we won’t just tell you what to do but show you how and assist with implementation. Plus, we equip your team with reusable improvement skills. 

  • Bottom Line:

Our people have delivered over $25B in EBITDA in the corporate space while advancing the skills of hundreds of leaders to become data-oriented change agents. 


Speed of results matter


  • Timely Results Oriented:

Our engagement teams are staffed with real world consultants, delivering impactful, measurable change in days or weeks vs. traditional consultancies who may take months/years to produce results. 

  • Short Learning Curve:

Getting up to speed quickly is our unique advantage. We’ve gained hands-on experience, navigated pitfalls, and mastered the art of driving buy-in. It’s that straightforward. 

  • Results Beget Results: 

Quick wins lead to buy-in and confidence that change can be made quickly. Getting your employees on board with the change is much easier when positive, tangible results are achieved in a short time frame. 


Cost-effective and flexible pricing model

  • Budget Reality:

The reality is our abilities don’t matter if your budget doesn’t allow for an engagement (like you, we don’t work for free). We understand that and would love to have a frank discussion regarding your needs and constraints.

  • Results, Not Overhead:

Our agile approach yields results faster than larger firms create slide decks. Plus, our costs are a fraction of what traditional consultancies charge. Leveraging remote work, we’ve assembled top talent from around the globe, and travel only when necessary. 

  • Flexible and Adaptable:

We offer a variety of pricing options, from fixed fee to value-based, to suit your needs and budget. 

  • Complex Problems, Solved Simply:

Lower costs and quicker impactful results is all part of our mantra. 

Tell Us What's On Your Mind!

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