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How the Program Works

Referring prospects is fast and easy. And you'll get plenty of help from us.



We can help you identify opportunities in your network and provide you with all the marketing material you need. 



Simply make an introduction to a potential client by email or a call. We take it from there. 



If your contact becomes a client, receive recurring monthly commissions during our first year of engagement. 

Business Meeting

A Typical Commission of $25,000 

You earn a 5% commission of the first $500,000 of paid revenue for each successful referral during the entire first year of business with a new client.

The agreement is simple, cancelable by you at any time, and comes with no required referral commitment. 


Referral Program

Earn $ by simply making introductions to our team.

Make Introductions, 

Earn Commissions 

To Get Started, Please Let Us Know Who You Are.

About Concision
Global Consulting

Our people have run operational excellence and enterprise transformation functions for over a dozen Fortune 500 companies and a larger number of small to mid-sized for-profit and non-profit organizations; worked for some of the most prestigious and well-known consultancies; and bring a combination of hard skills needed to solve problems or deliver upon opportunities and the soft skills needed to engage and build buy-in, upskill leaders, and challenge old paradigms that get in the way of scale and growth goals. CGC’s professionals have improved customer and employee experiences, deployed strategies to involve every employee, and implemented new ways of working that have added billions of dollars to the bottom line. 

Portrait at Work

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to join? 

No, it is completely free to join and participate in our referral program. 

Is there a minimum number of referrals to be able to participate? 


How will I get paid? 

Commissions are paid monthly upon receipt of payment from the client via ACH. 

What kind of opportunities can I refer? 

We are happy to have a conversation with anyone in your network who could be a fit for our services. 

Some good referral opportunities are: 

  • Organizations based in the United States or Canada, with $250M+ revenue that: 

    • May have a core or supporting function that needs to run faster, provide higher quality outcomes, and or needs to reduce costs. Ideally orgs under pressure who need results now, not in the next fiscal year.

    • Challenged with organizational alignment - struggling to get different functions moving in the same direction with agreed upon outcomes.

    • Unsure how to manage and maintain the positive elements of their business culture due to growth, contraction, or the emergence of a remote workforce.


The only reason we will ever reject a referral is if they are already a client, or if we are already in active conversations with them.


What are Concision Global Consulting’s areas of expertise? 

Business Operating System Implementation; Continuous Improvement; Operational or Business Excellence PMO implementation; Margin Optimization; Business Transformation; Lean Management; and Fractional CxO.

I would like to sign up, but I don’t know of opportunities/people to refer! 

Our Partnerships team has several resources to help our partners find opportunities and make referrals with minimal time investment. Reach out to our team to learn more! With a simple 15-minute investment, we can help you evaluate the fit of your network (via LinkedIn) with our areas of expertise.

How do you track the referrals I make? 

Our Partnership Executives are responsible for tracking and keeping our partners updated on the status of their referrals. 


We also have an internal controlling team that tracks the source of every new client to ensure that if they came in through a referral, the referring party is compensated.


What is your commission structure? 

Our typical engagement will result in $25,000 USD in commissions for each successful referral. The specific calculation is 5% of the first $500k of revenue received within one-year of introduction to a new contact.


Didn’t find what you were looking for? 

Please reach out to us at and we will make sure to clarify any questions you might have. 

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