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The CGC Advantage

Why should you choose CGC over traditional management consultancies?

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Experienced consultants who deliver results, not reports

  • Our consultants average over 25 years of hands-on leadership with results delivered in industry, not consulting. That means we’ve been in your shoes and know how to actually deliver results quickly.

  • As a result, our typical engagement team is staffed with multiple similarly experienced consultants who know how to deliver impactful, measurable change in days and weeks where traditional management consultancies take many months or over a year if ever to produce more than an insightful document.

  • If you’re looking to cut costs, we’re the people you work with to find the actual waste in your operation, not a headcount reduction exercise. We will help you execute better with your current constraints by making your processes run faster while producing higher quality results.

  • We don't just tell you what to do, we show you how to do it and help you implement it, all while giving your team new re-usable improvement skills.


Proven track record of success across many industries

  • Our consultants have delivered real change from the enterprise operating system down to tactical process improvements for the most storied names across all industries as accountable leaders.

  • Our people have delivered over $25B in EBITDA while upskilling hundreds of leaders to become data-oriented change agents.

  • We have the expertise, the tools, and the methods to help you achieve your goals and transform your organization.


Affordable and flexible pricing model

  • The reality is none of this matters if you can’t afford us (because like you, we don’t work for free.)

  • Not only do we deliver real results in the time our competitors are building slide decks, but our costs are also a small fraction of traditional management consultancies (largely because we’ve capitalized on remote work to gather some of the best minds from around the globe and we only travel on an as-needed basis.)

  • Much lower costs and much quicker time to impact is the result of our mantra, “Complex Problems, Solved Simply”.

  • We offer a variety of pricing options, from fixed fee to value-based, to suit your needs and budget.

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