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RJ Ollie

Senior Business Analyst

RJ Ollie

RJ is a Sr Analyst with a background in Psychology and several years of experience in both consulting agencies and in-house software startups.  

With a focus on data driven decision making, RJ brings a tactical, metrics driven approach to problem solving. RJ feels right at home with solving complex problems in a straightforward and easy to understand approach. From creating 0 to 1 talent strategies, running data analyses and statistical tests, and creating business applicable data read-outs, RJ feels right at home working as a partner to solve talent strategy and operational excellence problems alike. 

When he’s not heads down writing Boolean code or running statistical tests, you can find RJ lifting weights, playing video games, hanging out with his dog Zuko, messing around with cars, and working on WH:40k models.


RJ Ollie
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