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Complex Problems, Solved Simply


We're all about insights that lead to impact. One without the other simply won’t do for long-term sustained change of business culture and results.


Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence (OE) is an organizational commitment to build the mindset, culture, and behaviors needed to consistently raise the bar in delivering results. Building an OE function is a critical and transformative change that can fundamentally improve the trajectory of an organization for years to come. 

Our experts have accumulated decades of experience from building, fixing, and managing enterprise and functional OE programs for some of the biggest names in technology, financial services, manufacturing, and other industries. Our OE expertise has created better customer experiences and deeper employee engagement that has led to billions of dollars of incremental EBITDA.

We apply our knowledge against core and supporting operations and lean out workflows in a way that shrinks cycle times. We then help return productivity and capacity to the organization by aligning these gains against strategic goals to support better client experience, employee engagement, and operational efficiency. Our experts have added more than $20B in EBITDA through margin optimization.

A CGC Delivery Team will build and co-facilitate execution of a multi-year roadmap to work on elements of culture, mindset, behaviors, and capabilities that reflect your values and drive attainment of your mission and vision.

Business Operating System Implementation & Optimization

Strategic planning and execution is quite different than strategy development. The best strategy poorly implemented is a recipe for lost opportunity. Another showstopper is a well translated strategic plan that doesn’t enable your people to execute better while solving recurring problems.

A comprehensive Business Operating System drives and manages the right metrics for strategic and operational success by pulling together top-down strategy, front-line enablement (via approaches such as lean management), and data science. Regardless of whether the system is custom, proprietary (e.g., EOS™), Enterprise Operating System, or other. ​

Our Client Engagement Team will guide you through the process of translating your objectives into metrics and goals at each level of the organization. We will install the review process, tools, and cadence to make sure you're managing the right things to attain your enterprise goals.

Lean Management System Installation

Whether you're looking at a tactical opportunity to remove waste from your processes or a strategic need to create an entire culture around lean operation, the Lean Management System creates a problem-solving culture that not only drives accountability for results, but also drives the oft missing empowerment to make things better.

Lean Management is often a key component of enterprise transformation. We work with your front-line operators to build a unique set of capabilities, tools, and behaviors to create an environment where all employees have a vested interest in improving how work is done and, in most cases, they are given the tools to solve problems and the environment that connects their daily work to strategic drivers that roll-up to enterprise goals. Tools and capabilities around standard work, process confirmations, huddle structures, and root-cause problem solving are brought to bear to enable everyone from the front-line and up to execute better.

Value Stream optimization is how we reduce cycle-time for transactional or service processes in any setting.


A CGC Lean Management Expert will assess your organization and design the right implementation to bring both accountability and empowerment to make things better from the front-line up.

Tactical Process / Operational Improvement

Perhaps your need is more immediate and focused. Are you facing challenges with supply and demand forecast accuracy? Concerns with your cash-cycle or internal financial processes? Opportunities with customer experience at a specific touchpoint?

For these and other situations that call for Tactical Improvement, our team will rapidly determine root causes, build consensus around the best solution, and implement or support solution implementation, related to people, process, and/or technology.  


Regardless of the function or process, a CGC Client Engagement Team will work with you to power through your more tactical needs.

Business Coaching

Rapid growth, M&A, and other high-level change situations have an impact on your leadership team. Does your organization have a new first-time leader of leaders? Or perhaps an experienced leader in a new environment?


Our Business Coaching services are designed to create and facilitate learning journeys for your key leadership.


A CGC Executive Coaching Team is crafted of experts who will develop and execute plans to enable leadership and capabilities growth.

Fractional CxO

AI and Machine Learning. Work-from-home vs return-to-office. Moving segments of your business from parts of the world that suddenly become politically or economically sensitive. It’s a time of significant upheaval and change. But it can also be an opportunity.

At times during these transitions, you may find your organization in need of an interim executive with specialized experience and perspectives to help you set direction for an important part of your organization. 

Our network of Fractional CxOs can help bring direction, stability, and results in times of change. 

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