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Why Concision Global Consulting

Our people have run operational excellence and enterprise transformation functions for over a dozen Fortune 500 companies and a larger number of small to mid-sized for-profit and non-profit organizations; worked for some of the most prestigious and well-known consultancies; and bring a combination of hard skills needed to solve problems or deliver upon opportunities and the soft skills needed to engage and build buy-in, upskill leaders, and challenge old paradigms that get in the way of scale and growth goals. CGC’s professionals have improved customer and employee experiences, deployed strategies to involve every employee, and implemented new ways of working that have added billions of dollars to the bottom line.

Meet Our Team


Arthur L. Burris

Arthur gained 28 years of experience as a Finance, Operations & Technology Executive applying futuristic, strategic, deliberative, achiever & relator strengths to Fortune 25 companies General Motors, Microsoft, J.P. Morgan Chase & General Electric Financial and Fortune 500 company, PayPal.


Generated a cumulative corporate value of $4 billion by spearheading organizational strategies, accountability for P&Ls, propelling the prioritization of customer, employee, and organizational requirements, advocating sustainable end-to-end (E2E) process and change management techniques that transformed business models, increased profitability & productivity and optimized operational efficiency & effectiveness with the implementation of both enterprise architecture and business capability solutions.


Transferred additional E2E operational knowledge and insights as a GE certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt & Data Scientist, having mentored over 500+ professionals and coached 2K+ strategic initiatives.


Jarrod Folsom

Jarrod is an experienced practitioner of leading methodologies for business process improvement, organization effectiveness, and operational excellence with a 20-year track record of results at the enterprise level. Every day, he empowers people to take ownership of their work, challenging them to think critically, and providing them with the tools and resources they need to drive change in their own business areas. His work drives multibillion-dollar impact for the business, customers, and employees.


Career Highlights: Over two decades of impactful success at a global telecom giant, enabling billions in cost savings through hundreds of improvement projects. Among the early few at AT&T to earn a LSS Black Belt and later, a Master Black Belt. Scaling leadership ranks, he became a top-tier global figure in quality, compliance, and transformation. Skilled in Lean, Six Sigma, Agile, Design Thinking, and SAFe methodologies, embracing the ethos of continuous improvement for customers, employees, and the business. Committed to integrity and effective leadership, whether leading teams, consulting, advising, or collaborating. Jarrod actively mentor rising CI practitioners.


Peter Ikalowych

Peter has over 25 years of active experience in high technology environments excelling at multiple organizational roles including operations, technical sales and marketing, product line management, systems implementation, and corporate training. He is proficient in creating and presenting strategic plans, data analytics, and training concepts.


Peter has spent the last 15+ years focused on the practical application of Lean, Six Sigma, and other process improvement and operational excellence methodologies in conjunction with strategy development/execution and functional KPI implementation.  He is adept at leading change management, process development, facilitation and mentoring across multiple organizations, business environments, and cross functional teams.

Project Results:​ Successfully collaborated C-suite of financial services organization resulting in streamlined operations, creation of an optimal organization structure with the right people in the right seats. Led to increase profitability 2X revenue.

Peter has a passion for collaboratively engaging with leadership teams in defining organizational goalposts and identifying the value-add activities to take them there. The plan may be great, but ultimately, it’s all about accountability and execution.


Robin Kibota

Robin is a business strategy and continuous improvement leader with a deep expertise in successful systems implementations and analytics for business insights. Steeped in project management and Lean Six Sigma methods, Robin is recognized as a thought leader in the human capital management space with over 15+ years of experience. He has led countless process improvement and change management (both tech and non tech related) efforts within sales, customer service, human resources, operations and finance affecting over 500+ associates yielding a business impact over $200M. At his most recent staffing firm, he oversaw strategy development and implementation, driving the achievement of 70% revenue growth ($50M to $85M) through executive team engagement, strategy mapping, KPI and rewards definitions and detailed dashboard reporting for tracking results. Subsequently, Robin led huge data transformation effort from centralizing all company data (Google Cloud) to provide a single source of truth, setting the foundation for advanced analytics (Einstein Analytics, Google Data Studio, and machine learning automation solutions.

old_RussellOllie01 - BW_edited.jpg

Russell D. Ollie Sr.

Russell is a Business Transformation Professional with over 25 years of experience in initiative management with a specific focus on enterprise-wide business transformation / business excellence deployments. Russell has built Transformation / Operational Excellence teams that have delivered over $25B in quantified benefits (incremental revenue or cost savings) driven through implementation of Lean Management programs (integrated voice-of-customer driven strategy execution driven by linked and cascaded goal/metric/behavior models.)


Russell is a Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Project Management Professional (PMP), and Vendor Management Professional. He is an MIT Alum and has a proven record of leading successful transformation with industry leaders like eBay, Microsoft, McKinsey, GM, Toshiba and AT&T.


RJ Ollie

RJ is a Sr Analyst with a background in Psychology and several years of experience in both consulting agencies and in-house software startups. 

With a focus on data driven decision making, RJ brings a tactical, metrics driven approach to problem solving. RJ feels right at home with solving complex problems in a straightforward and easy to understand approach. From creating 0 to 1 talent strategies, running data analyses and statistical tests, and creating business applicable data read-outs, RJ feels right at home working as a partner to solve talent strategy and operational excellence problems alike.

When he’s not heads down writing Boolean code or running statistical tests, you can find RJ lifting weights, playing video games, hanging out with his dog Zuko, messing around with cars, and working on WH:40k models.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Approach

We look forward to creating the enterprise alignment and organizational capabilities needed to help clients overcome dysfunction and achieve success.


We collaborate with our clients to create and deliver comprehensive  and impactful solutions to problems. We bring your employees at all levels to the table and create empowerment and capabilities needed for repeated Problem Solving to become a core capability within your people.

In the time traditional Management Consultancies spend doing a diagnostic or assessment in order to deliver a pretty, high-priced PowerPoint, we identify, pilot, and iterate in your environment to develop org readiness for changes in how work is done.  We're able to do this because our typical deployment teams are staffed by multiple proven implementation SMEs instead of being primarily comprised of generalist going through on-the-job training on your dime.  In short, we deliver as fast as your organization can safely adapt to the change.

We have deep focused expertise in a large variety of problem-solving methodologies and tools, but we're pragmatists.  While there may be occasions where your challenge perfectly aligns with a particular discipline, more often than not, our expertise may call for pulling just a subset of methods and tools from different disciplines to walk the shortest path to impact.  There may be times when we're tasked to lead the way and execute on your behalf and there may be times when our approach is to co-own and to upskill your people by teaching them new ways to solve problems consistently starting with your most relevant problem set.

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